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Embark on a captivating journey with Road Rash as we explore Cooper's Creek, revealing hidden stories and secrets in this latest adventure.

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One of our most exciting adventures. An amazing group of Jeep friends set out on a 4 day, 390 mile exploration across North Georgia, touching 4 states.

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As part of The Georgia Traverse, The Big Frog Loop is a 90+ mile loop that circles the Cohutta Wilderness. This adventure has some of the most beautiful scenic overlooks in the Southeast.

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Last year marked a milestone as we proudly became ambassadors for GoRhino, a renowned name synonymous with off-road bumpers and steel parts excellence since 1975. Now, with the union of GoRhino and RealTruck, we're thrilled to continue this journey under RealTruck's expanded catalog. This partnership means more choices, more quality, and more adventure for you. Join us as we venture into this new chapter, where your off-road experiences are elevated to new heights.

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A new innovative brand, COROS contacted us to test out their new GPS Adventure Watch called the Vertix 2. Connects maps to all 5 major satellites for constant connectivity.

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Recently, I was contacted by Vic Off-Road to test and review their newly designed, Bunker Indust Traction and Recovery Boards. Some of the best quality I've seen.

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Just after I bought my Jeep, the first thing I wanted to do was take the hardtop off (like everyone) but how do I do that and where did I store it?

I Built A Cheap DIY Electric Hoist

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If you're a forward-thinking brand offering cutting-edge off-roading or overlanding products, we're eager to collaborate with you on a promotional video or sponsored YouTube review, a meet-n-greet appearance at your shop or overlanding trade show booth. Get in touch with Road Rash today to explore exciting opportunities!

Join us as we take on the challenge of Stony Lonesome Off Road Park in Bremen Alabama and attempt to snag 3 more Jeep Badges for our rig.

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Join us as we recount our exhilarating expedition, filled with obstacles, triumphs, and the ultimate quest to earn the prestigious Windrock

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Located in Waterloo South Carolina is Gulches Off Road Park. While Gulches only has 1 Jeep Badge of Honor trail, the park itself has so much more to offer.

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Not many Jeepers think of Florida when they want to go off-roading, however Ocala National Forest, just outside of Orlando offers a Jeep Badge.

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Who Is Road Rash?

There's a unique story behind every brand. What initiates and drives the desire and its passion. Road Rash is the concept of Kevin Swan and has a deep story of authenticity at its core.

Translating through his profession as a fashion designer, Kevin and his son Gavin launched Road Rash Streetwear, an amazing brand around authenticity. Over the next year, Road Rash will evolve into Road Rash Off Road clothing.

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Looking For Some Cool Trails To Ride?

We created a small resource of cool trails and off road parks we explore on the East Coast. This is a list that is ever changing as we continue adding new locations to explore.

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