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New Overlanding Tech

As explorers, we are always looking for new tech and gear that will keep us safe and more efficient while off grid.

This year, COROS contacted me to test out what they call their "Vertix 2 Adventure Watch".  Check out our findings on this new piece of gear and how Road Rash uses it on and off road.

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Coros Adventure Watch Overlanding Tech

What's Up With Road Rash?

Embark on a captivating journey with Road Rash as we explore Cooper's Creek, revealing hidden stories and secrets in this latest adventure.

Join Us On Our Journey

Join us as we recount our exhilarating expedition, filled with obstacles, triumphs, and the ultimate quest to earn the prestigious Windrock

Badge of Honor

Just after I bought my Jeep, the first thing I wanted to do was take the hardtop off (like everyone) but how do I do that and where did I store it?

I Built A Cheap DIY Electric Hoist

Are You A Off Roading Brand?

If you are a brand with a new, innovative and cool off roading or overlanding product, we want to talk to you about a promo video or a sponsored YouTube review. Contact Road Rash.

Who Is Road Rash?

There's a unique story behind every brand. What initiates and drives the desire and its passion. Road Rash is the concept of Kevin Swan and has a deep story of authenticity at its core.

Translating through his profession as a fashion designer, Kevin and his son Gavin launched Road Rash Streetwear, an amazing brand around authenticity. Over the next year, Road Rash will evolve into Road Rash Off Road clothing.

Check out the core story behind Road Rash!

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Looking For Some Cool Trails To Ride?

We created a small resource of cool trails and off road parks we explore on the East Coast. This is a list that is ever changing as we continue adding new locations to explore.

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