Overlanding Products We Love

Overlanding Products We Love

As we all continue to explore and do this thing we love called Overlanding, we are always adding new things to our rigs and taking away things that are unnecessary. Here we list several overlanding products that have been very good for us on our adventures and worked really well for our Jeep overland build. We hope this is in inspiring and helpful for you as well.

If you are a brand, developing unique and quality overlanding products, shoot us a message. We'd love to discuss a potential collaboration.

Experience the ultimate in overlanding comfort and convenience with the Naturnest Rooftop Tent. Crafted from 100% waterproof fabric and featuring a durable aluminum alloy shell, this tent ensures a dry and secure shelter in any weather. Setting up camp is a breeze with its easy lift mechanism, while added features like LED light belts and ample storage space enhance your adventure. With a premium three-layer mattress for luxurious comfort and all-season versatility, Naturnest has everything you need for your next outdoor journey. Say goodbye to compromise and embrace the freedom of overlanding with Naturnest. Interested in the same RTT we have, check out the Naturnest Amazon Store.

Join us as we explore the SetPower 47qt Refrigerator in this exciting Overland Overhaul blog post! We'll unbox, install, and review this powerful fridge, showcasing its features and performance in our Jeep Wrangler. Learn how it handles dual power usage, adjustable temperature settings, and rugged outdoor conditions. Whether you're planning a weekend getaway or a long expedition, find out if the SetPower 47qt is the ultimate overland companion for your adventures.

As part of evaluation our recovery needs, we do a deep dive into the world of off-road recovery, putting Vic Off Road Recovery Bunker Indust Traction Boards through their paces. From comparing their strength and quality to other brands, to tackling challenging terrains with ease, we'll uncover the secrets behind their unmatched performance. Whether it's bridging crevasses, navigating tricky v-notches, or conquering deep mud holes, these boards prove time and again why they're an essential companion for every off-road adventure.

Check out the full blog where we'll reveal the insider details on what makes the Vic Off Road Recovery Traction Boards a game-changer in off-road exploration.

The COROS Vertix 2 is not just a watch; it's a companion designed to elevate your overland adventures. As you explore uncharted territories, you can trust the Vertix 2 to keep you connected at all times. Embrace the freedom to roam, the adventure of discovery, and the peace of mind that comes with having a reliable and feature-packed adventure GPS watch on your wrist.

1. Tough Design: Built to withstand rugged terrain, this watch combines durability with style.

2. Precision Navigation: With Multi-GNSS support, including GPS, GLONASS, and more, it ensures accurate tracking for your overland journeys.

3. Long Battery Life: Enjoy extended 60 days of battery life for day trips or extended expeditions.

4. GAIA GPS Integration: Seamlessly integrates with GAIA GPS for detailed mapping and navigation.

5. Enhanced Outdoor Experience: Features like altimeter, barometer, and compass provide vital environmental data for informed decision-making.

Visit COROS and use code ROADRASH for more details.

Experience the perfect blend of adventure and comfort in our latest Overland Overhaul episode! We introduce a game-changing addition to our Jeep Wrangler overlander: the Camplux Tankless Hot Water Heater. Join us as we unbox, review, and install this innovative unit, guiding you step-by-step through the process. From connecting water hoses to seamlessly integrating the heater into our Jeep, this portable wonder delivers instant hot water using a 12V pump to draw from any source. Imagine washing dishes, cleaning gear, or enjoying an outdoor shower with water temperatures ranging from 46.4℉ to 114.8℉. With an output of 1.32 gallons per minute, safety features like flame failure and overheating protection, and a compact, lightweight design, this heater is the ultimate off-grid companion. Elevate your overlanding experience and transform your Jeep into a mobile hotel with the Camplux Tankless Hot Water Heater. Don't miss out on this off-grid luxury!