Off Road Trails

We outlined a collection of cool trails we've found.

Some of these include Badge of Honor trails, however if you are interested in seeing Jeep Badge trails specifically:

Jeep Badge Of Honor

Big Frog Loop

The Big Frog Loop is part of the Georgia Traverse. It's a 92 mile trek that circles the Cohutta Wilderness and has some of the best and most scenic views.

Georgia Traverse

Beginning on the South Carolina / Georgia boarder, the Georgia Traverse is a 390 mile collection of forest roads that crosses the entire North Georgia to Alabama.

Nimblewill Gap

Found in the North Georgia Mountains, Nimblewill Gap is a relativity easy road. Once you reach the top, it turns into Old Bucktown Rd on the back side.

Cashes Valley

One of my favorite adventures in North Georgia, Cashes Valley is actually a public road forging 5 different rivers, only to arrive at an old cemetery from the 1800's

Talladega 600

Just across the Georgia boarder into Alabama, you arrive in one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the North. The famous Talladega 600-1 and 600-2

Cohutta Wilderness

Part of the Georgia Traverse and Big Frog Loop, the Cohutta Wilderness is one of the largest, untouched national wilderness land in the East Coast

Off Road Parks

250 miles West of Atlanta, GA, Stony Lonesome attracts many Jeepers seeking to snag 3 Jeep Badge Of Honor badges for their rigs. With trails like 404 that are easy and scenic to Switchback bringing unique challenges to Gut Buster which is near impossible for most Jeeps, this is an off road park that offers something for everyone.

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Just over 4.5 hours from Atlanta in the beautiful countryside of Waterloo, South Carolina is a sought after off road park known by many Jeepers to be extremely challenging. Listed as a 2-9 difficulty on Jeep's Badge of Honor app is Gulches ORV.

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Located in Northern Tennessee, Windrock Park offers hundreds of trails, 3 of which are official Jeep Badge Of Honor Trails. This is an off road park that offers something for everyone. From easy scenic rides to difficult rock crawling trials, this is a well maintained off road adventure park.

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Just over the Georgia boarder, located in Eastern Alabama, Morris Mountain is a challenging park that offers something for everyone. In addition to the many trails, they also have a small obstacle course on the property.

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Located in central Georgia, just south of Atlanta, River Rock is an off road park that offers something for everyone. Whether you are looking for adventurous Rock Crawling or you're a new Jeeper just exploring, every obstacle you approach will have an easy cut-around if you are not up for the challenge.

Trails Off Road

A super easy tool we all use to find some new trails to explore, whether on foot or in our car is Trail Off-Road. Here you can find GPS coordinates and details on each trail before heading out so you know what you are getting into.

North Georgia Trails

One of the easiest way to locate some really cool places to explore in Georgia is looking at the Forest Service Roads map, updated regularly by the USDA.

Check these maps regularly for seasonal road closures posted by the USDA.