Suspension Upgrades

Shortly after upgrading to a 4" lift and going up to a 35" tire, the suspension on my Jeep began to have alot of "feedback" in the steering wheel. I was feeling everything on the road. Every crack, every rock, was felt in the steering wheel. After some investigation, I realized my original steering stabilizer had become damaged during a recent off road adventure. I reached out to my online community asking for advice from trusted Jeepers. Many people pointed back to the Falcon Nexus 2.2 adjustable steering stabilizer by Teraflex.

Kenda Klever, a seasoned player in the tire industry since the 1960s, has expanded its product line to include off-road options like M/T, R/T, and A/T tires, catering to diverse needs, including the iconic 35" tire. These affordable mud tires have gained traction for their reliability and performance. In 2020, The Road Rash Jeep urgently needed a tire upgrade. Financially, the pandemic made me consider options for an affordable yet high-performing alternative. I discovered the Kenda Klever mud tires.